About Us

We are an established company of professionals that specialize in the refinishing of old, worn out hardwood floors and stairs and bring them back to life as fresh and new. Check out the amazing transformations in our gallery.

Why replace your old, ugly, stained or damaged floors with new hardwood when you can have them looking like new again for a fraction of the price???

Our certified professional craftsmen can sand away all those nasty stains and scratches, replace any damaged planks that are beyond repair and get rid of that old stain colour you were tired of looking at.
In return you will get an amazingly unrecognizable floor that will now be the highlight of your home. Your beautiful new floors will not only receive compliments from all your guests but it will be a great investment that will increase the value of you home.

And if you are looking at replacing a carpeted room with new pre-finished or un-finished hardwood or laminate we can certainly do that as well.

Along with bringing your old floors to life, we can also breathe new brilliance into your old, worn and tired staircase. We can transform an outdated carpeted staircase into something to be marvelled at. We can rip apart the old stairs, install and re-cap new hardwood treads and risers as well as install the pickets of your choice whether they be stained or painted wood pickets or the higher end wrought iron.

If you just need a sprucing up of existing hardwood stairs because of colour or age we will just sand it down to bare wood, apply the stain of your choice and varnish it with 3 coats of the best products out there. We also offer a highly efficient anti-slip varnish for maximum safety.

If you have any questions or would like a free estimate, please email us at hollandflooring@hotmail.com or give us a call at 437-333-4200 or 905-715-8218.

We use only the best in Bona technologies with the latest and newest models of professional tools and equipment. Our Bona Dust Containment Systems offer a 99% dust free work area so you don’t have to worry about layers of dust when we are done.

We have Bona certified craftsmen that are top of the line experts.

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